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working hours-legal rights


I have been working as a manager in a large company and for a period of 5 weeks I was absent due to a health issue that could lead to cancer. According to the instructions of the company doctor and my physician at least for a period of time, I should maintain the working time as normal as possible. My senior manager once he noticed that I stay the normal legal hours asked me for the reason and he told me that the managers do not have working hours and should stay as long as it is needed to achieve their performance objectives (for him a minimum of 10 hours)
It is first job in Belgium and I dont really know what to do and how to react. I have been there for 16 months. Could you please advice about my legal rights? What would you do and would you react in such a case?


First and most important is your health. You lose your job and you can look for another one. You lose your health and...……….……..?
"Managers should stay as long as it is needed to achieve their performance objectives" is a common expectation but your legal obligations are laid out in your contract. What does that say?
If you are no longer able to work, YOU have a major problem.
If you are no longer able to work, your senior manager's insignificant problem is that he has to ask the HR department to find a replacement for you. He should care about your situation but many manager's will not.
Speak to you personal doctor. Explain the situation at work, ask for advice about your situation if you are unable to work and, particularly, what financial support you will get from your mutuelle. And, if the recommendation is that you keep your hours to the legal level, get that in writing and show it to your HR department. NEVER rely on word of mouth, always get something in writing and, if you have seen a specialist, speak to them as well.
Working from the experience of my late wife who found herself in a situation similar to yours, so long as your health problem is genuine and you are not trying to rip off the system, health care professionals will give you all the support that you need both financially and regarding your employers.

Aug 9, 2020 13:45