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Working beyond 65


Does anyone know exactly what the law is regarding an employee who is approaching 65 years of age but who does not want to retire. Can he continue to work for several more years? Is this something that anyone can choose to do or is it up to the employer? How is the person’s pension affected? By the age of 65 he will not have the total of 44 years employment. Can he work longer to achieve this?


Generally you cannot be forced to retire at 65. It would all depend on the job you do - you do not see 70 year old firemen for example.

I could have retired at 62 but told my company before then that I would be working past that time. Unless you have a contract that stipulates when you should leave you can work.

I chose to draw my state pension at 62 while still receiving a salary, only because the additional amount for leaving my pension unclaimed was so little that it was better for me to claim it and save it. However, even though you stop paying national insurance you mightfind that you have a hefty tax bill each month.

I also suggest that you look at the government website regarding pensions and benefits to determine how many contribution are needed as a minimum. Everything has changed with the introduction of flat rate pensions. You could once buy back 3 years missed contributions, but again legislation has changed.

I hope this is helpful.


Sep 4, 2017 17:58
Bruce M

Thanks JGill. Anyone else who can add anything?

Sep 4, 2017 21:26

My mutuelle runs regular help sessions at the local office for questions about pensions. They are able, for example, to give you a pension forecast based on your current contributions. Check whether yours offers the same service.
And your employer's HR people should be able to tell you whether they have any specific rules which will apply to you.

Sep 4, 2017 22:16

What does your contract of employment say? It may stipulate when you have to retire.

Sep 5, 2017 09:13