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Work Visa then job or other way around?


American living in Brussels (1+ year now), here under my wife's work visa.
Trying to get work, but should I already have my own work visa?

I found the government info confusing (shocking I know).

Is it better to get the job (or at least the offer) and then apply for the work visa to go with it, or can I get a work visa while still looking for a job?


There is no work visa here. (Visa is only required to enter a country) Its a work authorization.

Since you're already here you first get a job where the employer will apply for your work permit B (min salary 40K). Once that comes through (Say about 3 weeks or so) you can start working either as dependent on ure wife or switch to your own track.

Aug 11, 2015 22:32
Charlie Clark

1. Thanks crisscross!
2. Which permit is if if it's under 40k? (I hope it's not!)

Aug 11, 2015 22:36

For under 40K its Work permit C. But that's only for a few qualified categories.

Use the chrome browser and google translate:

Aug 11, 2015 23:08

Much of the information is also available in English You can't apply for a B work permit yourself, your prospective employer has to do it on your behalf so unless you qualify for a C permit (unlikely based on what you've said), it's job first then permit.

That said, there are some exceptions to the €40k rule (formally a labor market survey to certify that there is no one on the local labor market who can do the job) for work permit B. If you post a bit more about your circumstances (wife's employer and status, your field, etc.) I may be able to give more advice since we've just been through the same thing.

Is there anyone in the HR department of your wife's employer (or other spouses of employees there) who might be able to help?

Aug 18, 2015 16:41