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Women in Belgium encouraged to go on strike on 8 March

18:54 29/01/2019

8 March is the International Day of Women’s Rights - and this year, many women are planning a women’s strike on that day. 

The idea of a women’s strike in Belgium was born out of other similar movements abroad, specifically the strike in Spain last year, which garnered the participation of 5 million women. 

The strike is being organized by Collecti.e.f 8 maars, a group of about 100 women from around Belgium. As well as Brussels, smaller groups in places such as Tournai, Antwerp, Liège and Ghent have also been established. 

Collecti.e.f 8 maars has announced a demonstration to be held on the day of the strike and also urges women to plan other initiatives across the country.

Women are encouraged to skip classes, work, and forgo any household chores or domestic responsibilities on that day. Discussions with unions are being held about covering strike action. 

The strike is aimed to raise awareness about issues such as pay and workplace inequality, gender inequalities, healthcare, education, racism, violence against women and control over women’s bodies, said Roxanne Chinikar, a member of the group. 

Pauline Forges, another member of the group, said men who want to help the cause can give their support by taking up the work that women will be giving up on the day of the strike. 

Written by Sophia Moll