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The woes of money - again !!!


Hi, m again Misery Guts !
Recieved letters from collections agencies for domestic bills that I did not registered for.

I "think" that someone has done this in my name, namely my other half and said nothing as well as paid nothing for a longtime !

well, they are after a lot in my name and after seeking advice, even if you do a contract online there still has to be a written and signed agreement from both parties ! No signed contract, no contract !

I fear that things are getting way down the line and the other half does not seemed to bothered about this, would not have minded if I was asked and made aware in the first place.

Needless to say that stress levels are to an extreme and the selfish thoughlessness of this abuse of trust, etc is a killer. I would run but there is the matter of a child!

Any advice, idead greatfully accepted !
Yours embarrassed and lost.

Mr Roth


Run anyway that's no way to have a kid be brought up and see that kind of disrespect and mis management of funds

Aug 19, 2014 10:28

If I were you, I'd go and see my local CPAS (sorry, don't know what it is called in Flemish). They deal with this type of stuff all the time.

Aug 19, 2014 11:10

Hi Mr Roth, I am terribly sorry to hear that. I know it must be stressful with someone who is so irresponsible but so close, and has a kid to think of.

I actually don't have any suggestions, but I did hear about the CPAS where you maybe able to find some help; whether it would be useful for you in reality, it is another issue as this is more long term problem with the individual behavoir. Maybe a lawyer, maybe a relationship counseling.... Although I am sure you have done all you can to resolve this issue. I just like to offer you my support and be strong for your kid and yourself and protect you both from the result of irresponsibilities. Maybe this is not what you need right now, but still wish you and your kid with a stress-free home envrionment.

Aug 19, 2014 12:17

Hi Mr Roth first off please don't ignore the letters, try ringing them and make an arrangement to pay, or you'll end up in court. You say domestic I take it that includes power, water, gas, phone maybe, if you've used some in your day to day living, then I guess you are partly liable even if you didn't know who was supplying. Did you think the light etc just worked without being paid for?
Take the bull by the horns sort out a repayment plan, if you used the stuff you've liable for some of the charge even if you didn't sign up for them.
As for the other half money is a major cause of domestic strife seek some resolution by way of outside agencies because having a third impartial person in a conversation like this can help you both hear what the other says. If you have a child then working out a way to live to together is far easier than going through a legal separation of any sort.
Try ringing CHS helpline for info on services in your area and language set.
All the best.

Aug 20, 2014 12:45