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Wireless thermostat for home


I've been searching for a wireless thermostat system composed of a fixed receiver attached to the wires and a wireless thermostat. I found one for 180 €. Does anyone know where to find one cheaper?


I got a Honeywell 7 day wireless programmable one delivered from Amazon Germany. It ended up costing about €80 or €90 I think.

Look on, find the model you want and then search for it on, which is usually cheaper for delivery here.

You can also look at in the UK, who also deliver here.

Nov 21, 2014 14:27

Thanks CM that is great help. Indeed on amazon they are in price range you mentioned. But in ordering online is there any technical aspect I should look into, wiring, compatibility etc?

Nov 21, 2014 16:33

They aren't challenging to install. All we had to do was unconnected the old thermostat and put the wires in the new receiver box. The transmitter is battery powered. Honeywell do a lot of detailed installation stuff on their website.

Nov 21, 2014 21:45