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Winter gardening


I would like to do some vegetable gardening in my garden this winter. How successful can this be? What are the most successful in Belgian gardens? I know rhubarb works great and courgette family is great in the summer. What is easy to grow in Belgium and can I do any vegetable gardening starting now through winter? Ideas are appreciated. Thanks a lot.


You can plant a lot this time of year, but you're not going to see anything really until Spring. You can plant out things like lamb's lettuce, spring cabbages, winter hardy peas & beans, carrots, asparagus, spinach, onions and garlic. I protect these from freezing, so something like a polythene sheet / tunnel, or micromesh tunnel is essential in a month or so. There are loads of resources on the internet, just try here

Sep 21, 2017 15:38

Kale and purple sprouting brocolli are the ones I find work best. I think it's too late now, I grow from seed in spring, plant out in early summer and then start picking in October. I can then pick all the way through to spring next year. Brussels sprouts are the same. To grow these you don't need any protection from frost, it doesn't seem to touch them. Good luck

Sep 21, 2017 19:44