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Why do many Belgian tradesmen not reply to customers enquiries?


Recently I employed a gardening firm, I was satisfied and paid very promptly. I approached them again months later for a new job, they came and showed keen interest in doing the work. After that, complete silence, they have not answered any emails or phone calls, whereas previously they had been very approachable and cordial.
I have had similar experience with tradesmen as diverse as builders, art gallery, another gardener, upholsterers and more. It seems that rather than give negative feedback to an enquiry they prefer not to answer at all or not follow up after the initial contact.
Has anyone else reading this had similar experience?


This isn't specific to Belgium. It's a problem everywhere. Many "small businesses" are just very poorly managed, and basically do whatever the main person running the business wants. Maybe he's busy, maybe he really doesn't care. Typically it's just really bad time management. They don't want to turn down the job, but they're busy with other stuff.
I've had the same problems here in Belgium, and also in England. Had a plumber come round, great guy, spent a good half an hour working up an estimate, I agreed with it, we set a date for work to start, spoke again a week later to confirm, then on the day he just never turned up.

Sep 27, 2017 09:19

Yes, I too have had this numerous times here in Belgium. But not got experience outside Belgium, so if ANON is right, maybe it's a typical problem everywhere ? In which case a real pity - at least a courtesy reply would be appreciative.

Sep 27, 2017 09:41

I asked this question of the guy who fitted new windows for us and he said that the basic problems is workers.
Kids today don't want to work in gardens or paint and decorate or mend your leaking taps. They want to work in an office with a computer.
The window fitter was approaching retirement and had a well-established business which was the only one in the area. He could not find anyone interested in taking it over and it is now closed and the premises are empty.

Sep 27, 2017 10:24

Customer service is a real problem here. You are plainly treated badly or ignored. Brico is famous for disappearing and never coming back when you ask help about something. They just disappear. There is no place to complain and supervisor system does not work well. May be they learn it from their supervisor, I do not know.

Sep 27, 2017 14:34

Also I think sometimes people are on holiday and if a small firm ignore message, but also tax implications mean some people only do so much paid work. I have had terrible isssue trying to get trades people to travel out of BXL zone guy charged us more because he had to drive his workers here as no tram. That was via our architect.
Drifter you shop at the wrong Bricco we find them really helpful in both overijse and Wavre

Sep 28, 2017 13:59