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Who uses Brussels' electric scooters? This study has some answers

21:11 11/09/2019

Electric scooters in Brussels are being used as an alternative to walking or public transport - and for short distances - a new study has found.

Brussels Mobility surveyed 1,259 scooter users over the summer to build up a better picture of who is using this new form of transport.

The research suggests that scooter use is occasional - only one in five respondents used it several times a week. Most said they used a scooter one to three times a month, or less.

The average journey is between five and 10 minutes and a typical user is young and male. Some 64% of those using scooters in Brussels were men, which is similar to the ratio of male-to-female cyclists in the city.

Almost half of the users surveyed were between 25 and 34 years old, and more than half were educated to at least degree level.

A quarter of respondents said the scooter substituted trips made by car or motorbike. But for the rest, scooters were used instead of taking public transport or walking.

Brussels Mobility estimates that there are about 5,000 electric scooters in the city. This includes vehicles for personal use as well as the shared scooters offered by providers such as Lime and Dott.

Written by The Bulletin