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Who is responsible for Water leak damages?


Hello. I was wondering if someone can give me an advice please.
We are renting a property that had a water leak that lead to a minor flooding in our bedroom. We were on a two-week holiday and right before we got back, our landlord sent us photos of the damages. The tap in the bathroom had a leak that maybe persisted for days that caused all our stuff under the sink to get wet and damaged. The landlord will change the furniture that got damaged and asked us to write down items that have been damaged so they can claim under their insurance. My appliances (IPL machine, hair irons) got soaked during the accident but the landlord said that only the boxes were wet so they refuse to add it to the list. These are dangerous items to use when in doubt of their safety. And they are items probably worth at least €400 altogether. I am just wondering who is responsible for all this? When we got back we asked if we should have closed the water before we left, but they said the water line runs in the whole building. The only thing is we forgot to let them know we were going away. Thanks in advance.


Sounds like the landlord is already being very reasonable and replacing stuff under his property insurance.
The rest is normally down to you and your contents insurance. You should always have a contents insurance to cover fire, theft, accidental breakage etc.

Sep 20, 2021 13:07

All tenants are obliged to have an insurance. As said above, the landlord is being more than reasonable! You are also obliged to keep taps in good working order!

Sep 23, 2021 15:17