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Who is poisoning pigeons in Ixelles?

16:29 31/08/2020

Dozens of dead pigeons have been found twice in as many weeks in and around the little park at Place Fernand Cocq. The park is across the street from Ixelles’ town hall.

The first incident led to an investigation that confirmed that the birds had been poisoned. “It’s just shocking,” said Yves Rouyet (Ecolo), the city councillor charged with animal welfare.

During the second incident, 14 pigeons were found dead, 55 were dying and 12 more were sick. Brussels’ bird protection society worked to save the sick birds, and the rest were taken to area veterinarians to be euthanised.

“Poisoning the birds is not only cruel, it also puts other birds and animals in danger,” said Rouyet. “It’s also counter-productive because the pigeon population just grows back into the space.” An investigation has been launched to find the guilty party.

Like some other municipalities in Belgium, Ixelles is planning a pigeon sterilisation campaign. That entails feeding pigeons contraceptives in feed, a process that “is respectful of animal welfare,” said Rouyet.

Photo courtesy Yves Rouyet

Written by Lisa Bradshaw


Frank Lee

I know the article says those pigeons were poisoned, but the one in the photo looks more like it died of shock upon receiving the news of how much taxes the Commune of Ixelles is levying upon a simple bird nest.

Sep 1, 2020 15:40