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Who can attest a true copy of a Belgian identity document?


One of Universities, for a college interview, is asking for certified copies are photocopied documents signed as a true copy by our educational institution or other professional body or individual.

Since these are three identification documents, school doesn't want to attest it as a certified true copy.

On presenting the original documents, who in Woluwe-saint-pierre or brussels can attest/sign that it is a true copy of. a document? How long is the procedure and how much would it cost per document?


Your commune will provide certification of copies. Take the copies and the original to them and they will put an official stamp on the copies, some communes may want to make the copies themselves, others are happy to just visually scan both documents to ensure that they are the same. Some communes do it for free, others make a nominal charge.

Dec 5, 2017 20:31

Thank you very much Becasse! :-)

Dec 5, 2017 20:33