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Which document to ask for to travel


I need to travel on my own to the US with my daughter. Me and her doesn't have the same lastname, she has the same as her father (my husband). I understand that a certain document is needed from the commune for this. In the past I have just brought her birth certificate and her residence card which has been enought for border control. I do think that travelling to the US will be more difficult though without some sort of official document.

I have tried calling the commune but ours is Bruxelles Ville and believe me, they do not answer calls. I don't really want to ask my husband to have to queue up for hours either just to find out he is in the wrong line, so if anyone knows which queue to be in, please let me know.



I've traveled to the US with my son many, many times in the same situation as you and never been asked for anything. I don't know that the commune would issue any kind of document relevant for this.

As a precautionary measure, I carry signed copies of a letter from my husband authorising me to travel with our son, along with a copy of my husband'd ID card, and the document issued by the authorities that proves my I am the mother of my son.

Dec 14, 2011 17:54