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Shopping on, and frustrated because they won't ship many of the things I want to Belgium.

Which Amazon is "best" for Belgium nowadyas, in terms of treating be as home market and shipping most items to Belgium on good conditions?

Which one has most similar standards (nl or fr?)

What is the best solution if you want to search in English first?
(uk is natural, but perhaps nl use more English product names)

How is this Amazon Global thing?


I find best as most things sold by Amazon themselves can be sent here with free shipping (not always the case for

It also ensures that electronics etc. have the same plug

Nov 2, 2015 14:53

Install the plugin Shoptimate for Chrome. It allows you to compare prices, including shipping and exchange rates, across all the Amazon sites.

Nov 2, 2015 16:53

Amazon isn't global it's country by country UK will cHrge for all items to come here these days. Worth looking around because postage can vary in side the stores that use Amazon as a base. I usually find what I'm after in UK then check fr and De to see whose the best on a case by case basis no one rule of thumb I'm afraid.

Nov 3, 2015 14:09

Any experiences with .nl?

About global: When I go to, I get Soemthing About AmazonGlobal:


Nov 7, 2015 12:40

Try (Germany) they now have their website in English as well as German!

Nov 9, 2015 22:30
Innovator in English looks great! Is it usually the best bet?

Dec 6, 2015 22:57