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where do i buy/adopt dogs from ?


I was looking for a puppy to adopt or to buy here in Brussels .. does anyone know a shelter or someone who breeds ?


Have a look here at "Sans Collier" and look under "refuge" and "chiens a adopter".

Also under 'refuges' at La Croix Bleue rescue site I am sure others on here will be able to recommend other rescue centres.

On the whole it is probably best to adopt through a rescue centre, which should offer initial screening for suitability and ongoing support. I am sure you know that you need to think about this very carefully though because dogs that end up in a refuge have sometimes been mistreated or abandoned and can have resulting behavioural problems which can take a lot of time and attention to resolve.

As it happens, we have just adopted successfully from "chiens a donner" at "chien et chiot .be",-Chiot-%C3%A0-donner-2000.php4, but that was only very careful consideration and lots of contact with the dog's former owner.

As for puppies, we would need to know the breed you are looking for to point you in the direction of breeders. However, just one general word of caution, it is not really recommended to buy a puppy off the Internet (aside from initial contact) as even those sellers who claim to be " agreé " do not always conform to proper standards (particularly those who offer to 'deliver to your home' without viewing - avoid those like the plague!). You should always visit a prospective puppy in its own habitat, and be able to view its parents (several times if you want to!) and ask questions about their temperament etc (and that way you know it won't have been separated from its mother too soon). You will then also be able to verify that the puppy has been raised in comfortable and appropriate surroundings (at the very least, not a puppy farm).

I have a friend who adopted a dog having seen a notice on her local vet's noticeboard. It was a dog "known" to the practice (very friendly and well cared for) and was up for adoption owing to a family break-up, so that might be worth a try too!

Good luck!

Apr 11, 2015 15:24
J C Hill

We twice adopted from Help Animals - both times were lucky to find puppies of about 3 months of age. The first had all his records and we were able to phone the vet who had cared for his mother, and the second was actually born in the refuge and they raised and found homes for the entire litter plus the mother.

Apr 12, 2015 13:59

Please please don't buy a puppy from a puppy farm style place there are lots of them. If you must buy look at the sint Hubert's registered breeders page. However pedigree does cost.
Shelters here seem to have of big mastiff style dogs big and fierce on appearance so probably a good reason they sit there for a long time. They do have some nice dogs though my friend has a lovely dog she for. Not as pup but still young.
You can also adopt via the Internet from Spain because they are inundated with dogs that are dumped. We did this, we chose from arca Noah, she was flown into a local airport in Holland, I can't really recommend them as fabulous because we are pretty sure they lied about the age to get her shipped sooner, plus there is a minor health issue that our dog has that's restated to Spainish leischmania parasite, not their fault but they didn't seem to want to speak to other owners from the same litter to warn them she had been infected. However , hopefully with treatment she will be well although never free of it. I also have a friend got a whippet via a rescue service in the UK so would urge you to go the rescue route if you can good luck

Apr 13, 2015 13:02

We adopted from our local SRPA shelter -- (look up SRPA) and you should find several sites -- Pedigree generally have more health issues and higher vets bills -- mongrels less so

Had dogs all my life -- remember a dog can live many many years -- so consider carefully

Apr 14, 2015 15:44