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Where can I find somebody to pick up my child from school?


Can anyone recommend a person who would be able to take my 4 year old boy from school everyday at 3 PM and stay with him home until 5 or 6 PM? We live in Braine l'Alleud.
Any suggestion where on the Internet I could find local nannies is very welcome.

Thank you!


Sorry to ride on your post. I'm also looking for someone to drop in morning and pick up by 5:30. Chatelain to Rue Mercelis. I do plan to post at the university and Flagey area, but I'm so worried about trusting just anybody with my child. Do you think titre service offers such jobs. Do post if it's walking or public transport distance from school to drop off. I do hope you find someone. I know your dilemma.

Apr 18, 2012 13:30