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Where can I find ready made curtains?


Can anyone recommend somewhere that I can find affordable ready made curtains?
I am looking for 2.5m length with taped tops (into which you fit curtain hooks). My windows are massive, so custom made is probably going to break the bank (unless someone can recommend someone who'll disprove this?), but I dearly want to replace the floral monstrosities that I have inherited. I'm willing to travel across the border into Germany or Holland if needs be.
Unfortunately IKEA now only seems to do the sort that you thread onto curtain poles.


Hi You can also check out linbeker but like you say it's the big size. I cheated and brought 2 pairs and stitched them together. The cheapest places for having curtains made are the little turkish sowing shops. Or if your up for a rumage Les Petits Rien on rue Américaine sells second hand and there you will be sure to find curtains to fit. Or you take the ones that you've inherited and dye them a dark colour. Big bucket or big boll and in Di, Veritas or Kruidvat you'll find clothes dye it's a really easy and simple process to soak them. Or you get the washing machine stuff and do it in a launderette. Hope that helps

Feb 3, 2018 03:42

Thank you for your excellent answer.
Unfortunately my monstrosities are hideously patterned thin cotton, so dyeing them will merely make them a different coloured monstrosity, but it's a creative thought I hadn't even considered!

Feb 3, 2018 09:10

'Affordable' unfortunately gives no clue as to how much you can afford!
However, last year I bought curtains from HEMA and a bigger size than you mention. They were made to measure from a wide selection of fabrics, lined and fitted with curtain hooks that can be adjusted a couple of cms to make the curtains effectively shorter or longer.
I paid around €250.00 but there were cheaper fabrics and unlined would have been cheaper still.

Feb 3, 2018 10:47

Check out Dunelm and John Lewis in the UK. May be easier and cheaper to do a day trip to Kent.

Feb 6, 2018 07:55

The answer was to go onto - I found fabulous blackout curtains that cover all my windows for less than 300 euros. In fact, they are so massive that I'm having to take them up!
Thanks again for all your helpful suggestions. - much appreciated.

Feb 22, 2018 13:10