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Where to buy baby stuff in Belgium?


Hello everyone,
we are trying to buy all our baby stuff , specially (puschairs, car seat, cribs, closet, etc) but we've been having a hard time.
We live in Brussels, so went to orchestra in Zaventem , which is the only baby store I actually could find that offers a considerable variety of puschairs. But prices were really high.
So I have also searched in amazon uk , france and germany and prices are much more reasonable.
The only thing is that we actually would like to see some of the items before buying them to check the material, quality, etc.

So we were thinking in going to visit stores in Germany, France, or Netherlands to get an idea of some of the items and maybe then order them online (depending if prices are lower than in those stores).

So the questions are,
1. where do people here in Belgium buy all their baby stuff? Is there any other big stores besides orchestra, and mothercare ?
2. Does anyone know big baby stores in Germany, Netherlands or France?

Thanks everyone,



It's generally expensive relative to the UK because there's VAT to pay on everything (The same goes for the weekly shop) and there is no customer expectation of any sort of offer/promotion, so the shops don't oblige. Why would they?! People in Belgium seem happy to pay full whack.

Jul 3, 2016 13:10

Dreambaby (don't mix with Dreamland which only has toys) in Waterloo has quite a good selection so you can get a good idea of major brands, and their prices are likely to be the best you'll find within Belgium. They also have staff who can tell you a lot about the technical side of buggies, car seats etc. though they are not always the most service minded. For baby furniture check Ikea and ScandiKids (Chaussee de Wavre).

Jul 3, 2016 14:18


Baby dump has a store now in BE, You can compare the prices with Orchestra.

One of my friend went to Baby dump Roosendal (NL)- the prices were less compared to orchestra.

With GBP down now, you can also consider to buy from ( shipping cost is the downside- but even with the shipping cost - some products may be cheaper)

Jul 3, 2016 14:43
Paul McNally

Baby Dump have proved great for big items (cots, play pens etc) and they deliver.

The Brussels Childbirth Trust have a (very popular) second-hand sale just outside Brussels in October, which is handy for clothes/toys etc. See

Jul 3, 2016 15:42

You might want to check this other thread:

My friend had a baby a couple of years ago and she went to the Belgian shops, tried out stuff, then ordered from which was cheaper than buying stuff in Belgium. She eventually took a trip to Germany and loaded her car with a bunch of baby stuff as it was way cheaper than getting it in Belgium.

Some sites that my friend had kept
I would select the german site, and then compare the item with the belgian site to see if there is a difference in price. Friend had used this site and she was happy with the service.
"cooler stuff for kids"

Jul 4, 2016 10:31

Thanks everyone!
I think we are going this weekend to Aachen where I found 3 baby stores (babymarket, baby walz and babyone). And also I would take a look at the baby dump store in Mechelen.
And I already checked the webpages you suggested me and some of them have great offers. So I think I would also order some of the smaller things there.

Jul 4, 2016 19:15

If you are going to Aachen by car and don't have a green German Umwelt Zone sticker on your car, use the first park-and-ride site that you see signed.

Since February, Aachen has joined the growing list of German cities and agglomerations with Umwelt Zones in which you cannot drive without the appropriate sticker, and the zone covers just about all of Aachen although the PnR sites are just outside it.

The fine for driving in the zone without a sticker is € 80 every time that you get spotted so potentially unlimited. I guess that Aachen will take a small fortune in fines come the next Christmas Market period.

Jul 5, 2016 10:19

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Jul 30, 2017 11:19

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Jan 21, 2019 15:46