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My question is not a question, but a remark or a suggestion or advice :
Jazzuary is indeed a wonderful jazz month in Brussels, with 3 very different Jazz festivals. The name "Jazzuary" was created by the Brussels Jazz Platform founded by Brosella (the organiser of the Djangofolllies - mind the 3L's!!! like the 3 fingers of Django Reinhardt), Flagey (the organiser of the Brussels Jazz Festival), Brussels Jazz Station (one of the 3 organisers of the River Jazz Festival), Brussels Jazz Marathon (that later became the Brussels Jazz Weekend, organised in May) and the Brussels Jazz Orhcestra.
My remark about Djangofolllies = 3xL is important because people wouldn't find more information on the website if they don't spell it right.
If you would like more information about the Djangofolllies, I'm your man, because I created it in 1994. And if you'd like more information about the Brosella Festival (in July), I'm your man, because I created it in 1977.
+32 (0)475 30 15 85