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What's my hairdresser mean by 'teinture'?


My hairdresser is recommending instead of getting my usual highlights using a décolorant which is making my hair dry, that I get an all over 'teinture' instead but she was unable to explain to me what that involves. I'm allergic to hair colour (hence foil 'meches' using a mild bleach once a month) and she said that would not be an issue using the teinture, and she also said it does not wash out, which is what I'm after. Has anyone had this done and what product did your hairdresser use to do it? As not all my hair is the same colour due to the progressive highlights will the teinture give me an even result? Thanks if you know and can answer, before I go through with it and end up with orange roots or other disastrous results!


if she said it's not going to wash out I think she means she's going to use a dye to even out your hair color... Good luck

Sep 19, 2012 08:40