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What when your child is ill during the weekend


Can anyone tell me what they do when their baby/child is ill during the evening or at weekends? In the UK we would call the GP out of hours service and request a home visit. However here the GP tells us to see a paediatrician and the out of hours paediatriciann service is at the A&E. After spending 5 hours yet again at the A&E this weekend (for an infection that was too serious to wait until Monday to see a doctor but not really what I would class as serious enough to require hospital treatment) can I ask what other parents do? Thank you.

From the archives

First off I would change my GP!
There are details of the on call GP and chemist in my local free paper or - for the Leuven area - Out of hours Central number 016/69.44.98 or 016/27.13.71.
Wherever you live one of those numbers should be able to give you a more local contact.

Sep 1, 2011 10:23