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What is the equivalent of the RSPCA in Belgium?


I am looking for the equivalent of the RSPCA in Belgium so that I can contact them when I see any animal suffering. Thank you.

Paul McNally

Try Gaia -
or Animal Rights Belgium -

Jan 6, 2023 14:36

There is no national system equivalent to the RSPCA which has a quasi governmental role and is recognized in law, with RSPCA inspectors having legal and enforceable rights.

There are a number of organisations like Gaia and Animal RIghts mentioned above, but also others such as the Croix Bleue

However, typically your first point of call in Belgium would be your local commune or the local police. For example, if you live in Brussels, the commune has a dedicated page for how to report suffering of animals. You can report in-line, or in an emergency, it advises you to contact the police.

Wallonie has a similar page:

I assume Flanders has similar but I am not a Dutch speaker.

Jan 7, 2023 10:38