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What is this? Advice appreciated


I was walking my small dog. Suddenly a woman runs up to me. She asks for my ID and want me to pay her 30 euros. I decline politely and would like to know why she asks me this. She tells me, your dog was off the lead. Well no, it is one of those roll out leads. It could have appeared to her from a distance that my dog was off the lead. I continue walking my dog and she follows me, 2 steps behind, and tries to intimidate me to pay her the money. 10 minutes on, another person joins, a man. Both start shouting at me. When I ask them to please please leave me alone, he leaves. She continues to follow me closely for another 10 minutes. I do not have my smart phone on me and go into a local resto and phone the police.The police arrives, checks my credentials and tell me all ok, you can go home.  This all happened in July this year. I send a complaint to the commune of etterbeek but no response. I thought that was the end of it. 2 weeks ago I received a letter from the Etterbeek commune. They ask my side of the story, so I did. This morning I get a letter from Etterbeek commune basically saying that they do not believe my side of the story and that I have to pay them 100 euros(!). Any advice very welcome. Do I stand a chance against the commune or can they just do what they want?


Cold intimidations illustrate the real purpose of GAS fines

The protest against GAS fines continues 5 months after the approval of the amendment of the law. What sense does that make and how can people defend themselves?

It is therefore clear that the complete customer-friendliness of the GAS procedure leads to a kind of tax that is often wrongly paid out of pure ignorance.

Conclusion: you cannot defend yourself, you are at will of the Gas sanction civil servant.

Jan 17, 2020 16:27