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Weekend job for foriegners


I am planning to look out for weekend jobs to help support my family's income. I have a resident permit and my partner has a B card work permit. What are my chances of finding a good job and what industries likley have weekend job offeres? I used to work in Software QA before.


You will not get a "good" job at weekends. Forget it.

Belgium has a shortage of qualified/experienced ICT people. If your CV is any good, you ought to be looking at €250 to €600/day freelance doing what you did before. This sort of work does not happen at weekends though.

Dec 1, 2018 00:27

The problem is that as a non-EU spouse holding a valid residence permit (A) you will still need a potential employer to file a work permit B for you and these are not weekend jobs but regular weekday 9-5 types. So start looking for jobs on sites such as linkedin,, stepstone, jobat and vacature etc.

Dec 1, 2018 18:16