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Hello Friends
If you are looking for some we design (static and dynamic), I am ready to do the web design job. I am expert in HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML, PHP, ASP, MySQL etc.
Also I can do computer repair, maintenance, networking, hardware and software installing and uninstalling etc.
If you need my help, I am happy to help you. you can contact me design you personal or organization web site.



"you can contact me"
No we can't - you haven't left your contact details.
Besides, why would anyone be interested in a "webdesigner" who:
- doesn't know where to place an online advert,
- doesn't post a link to their own website,
- and demonstrates a disturbing lack of mastery of the language that (I presume) they are offering their services in?

Aug 3, 2012 17:16

I always like following SEO-friendly methods of promoting a business website, so I have to rely on a reputable web design agency that can help removing technical flaws, besides making the site attractive looking and easy to navigate.

Apr 18, 2017 20:03

Web development and web design are interrelated in many ways, so an experienced web designer must have clear understanding of various aspects of web development and vice-versa. I was lucky enough to meet the trained professionals from as they are apt in both the fields and helped me to create an awesome website within a tight deadline. I felt extremely comfortable with those guys who never hesitated in having open discussion about my exact requirements, and also agreed to modify the design on my request.

May 16, 2017 18:38

I have hired a web designer with the help of my close friend, and I am now concerned about choosing the best domain name and web host alongside. Probably, my web designer can help finding the most suitable domain names online.

Jun 15, 2017 15:21

Many industries work as website design and development. HANGEL why are you personal hire for design and develop your business website, leading website design company in California you can contact for further this company have many professional designers and developers.

Sep 15, 2017 20:31