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Wearing of seatbelts is stagnating

12:16 19/04/2013

The use of seatbelts is stagnating in Belgium, according to the latest study by the Belgian Institute for Road Safety (IBSR). The findings, published in today’s Sudpresse newspapers, also reveal that women are less likely than in the past to wear seatbelts and that the Walloons are the worst at neglecting to put it on. The survey was conducted last year and indicates that the number of women who do not wear seatbelts increased between 2010 and 2012, while men are slightly more likely to observe the law. Overall, 86% of drivers wore seatbelts in 2012, compared to 85% in 2010, yet the IBSR is particularly concerned by the 14% of people who sit in the font of their vehicle and do not buckle up. In Wallonia, 82.5% claimed to wear their seatbelts at all times, compared to 89% in Flanders and 84% in Brussels. Only 78% say they wear their seatbelts for short journeys in 30kph zones.

Written by The Bulletin



I work at a petrol station. What I see CONSISTENTLY, that the immigrant communities almost NEVER have their seatbelts on. This includes babies and other children. If I knew how to report that, I would but I don't know how. Somehow there has to be an outreach or we are going to see innocent people killed in car accidents.

Apr 20, 2013 18:18