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Waterloo reinactment


Hello. I should have bought some tickets, but didn't know I'd be in Brussels. Of course, now they are sold out and the website is advising people to keep, am I stuffed to try and see anything or to soak up the atmosphere?

Or, perhaps the official channel for buying them is sold out but some are still available?

Or, are there other events apart from the official one, that are either free or ticketed, but some are still available?



There are tickets on ebay, but they seem pricey. The "events" are all in the evenings, so you could wander around the whole site during the day. But transport and parking is going to be hell. something like 200,000 people over three days, to visit somewhere that is miles from any station, and has parking in place for perhaps 2,000 cars in the local Carrefour. The main road, the N5, and the three nearby motorway exits off the ring are closed for much of the three days.

Jun 10, 2015 17:40

Chi john I'd steer learn less you can get tickets it's going to be crazy up there go and do something g else cultural instead lots of great museums and art galleries I. Town

Jun 11, 2015 14:52

I've got an extra ticket, you can buy it at face value.
If interested, contact me at chimay underscore blue at live dot com

Jun 11, 2015 16:55

Thank you Tan - very kind. I need two though!

I'll see what comes up nearer the time.

CC_R yes there are loads of cultural things on but I can do them anytime.

Jun 12, 2015 13:44