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Waterloo bicentenary transport links


Hi there!
Does anyone out there know whether or not there will be shuttle busses running from Waterloo Centre to the battlefields and if so, where might I find a timetable?
The official website is unclear regarding public transport.


J C Hill

They are running special trains from Brussels to Braine L'Alleud station and then a free shuttle bus. You can buy the tickets in advance at a discount - or buy a parking permit

Jun 14, 2015 22:52

Thank you for your response.
We live in Waterloo and the trains that are coming from Brussels to Braine L'Alleud are not stopping at Waterloo station (go figure!?!).

Jun 15, 2015 10:26

I believe that, given the difficulties in moving the huge numbers of visitors, Waterloo itself is considered to be within walking distance, albeit quite a long walk.

Jun 15, 2015 22:02