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Watching English football via Belgian TV


Hi, after a seven year absence I am moving back to Brussels. I need my regular fix of English Premier League football, particularly Liverpool. Which service providers (either online or via cable / box) offer this? Do they publish their match schedules in advance or is it on a week by week basis?

And yes I am aware that there are a number of bars that will be showing the matches too!



Get a sky sports sub before you leave, buy an old decoder and dish on ebay and bring them over. Assuming that your flat / house faces the right way, you can set up the dish on a balcony. (You want to do this before you leave as you will still have a UK mailing address.)

Then also sign up to a UK based VPN service and make sure that you have a BT sports subscription, or share it with someone in the U.K.

It's complicated, but possible.

From 2019, Amazon also have an offering, but again, you'll probably need a UK IP address, hence the VPN service.

Also - if you don't mind watching in French or Dutch, there are other options:

But these are limited offerings.

Nov 28, 2018 12:31

Hi, thanks for that. I am not moving from the UK to Brussels. I was aware of that option but would have found it a bit too fiddly even if I had been moving from the UK.

I am happy to watch it in French (which I speak) or even Dutch but just wondered what the options are and how often they showed English football each weekend.

Nov 28, 2018 15:19