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Warm Holiday/Vacation Suggestions?


Hello, we have 2 small children (2 years and 4 months) and are ready to take a break from the Brussels winter for a week. Any suggestions where to go that is low key and not too far to fly(we only have a week, so don't want to spend most of that traveling)?


Centerparcs/Sunparks. They have a tropical pool and are set up for families like yours.

Unfortunately, at this time of year the warm countries are a few hours away by plane.

Me, I go to the Botanical gardens in Meise and sit in the glasshouses. The kids don't rate it though :-)

Feb 1, 2015 15:49

it can get up to 20 degrees in some parts of Greece or its islands this time of year. Sunjets or Thomas Cook always have flights and also packages if you don't mind a resort kind of thing.

Feb 2, 2015 13:41

Canary Islands or north africa (e,g. agadir) if you want 20+ deg C and shortest flight to get there

Feb 7, 2015 16:09

I would definately say The Canary Islands, certainly during the winter

If can can travel outside of schoolholidays, there are great deals with flights from Brussels here:

Jan 17, 2017 13:09

sometimes, when the schoolholidays in Belgium or not in the same period as in the Netherlands, it is cheaper to travel from Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam), or Eindhoven Airport or Maastricht Airport

I usually look for deals for the Canary Islands on, last time I found a last minute deal that was 565€(!!) cheaper in Holland vs Belgium, simply because it was a schoolholiday over here

worth checking I would say!

Feb 28, 2019 11:51