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Wanting to rescue/adopt a puppy or young dog


Looking for recommendations for shelters/rescue organisations to adopt apply or young dog rather go to a breeder. Have tried one of the Blue Cross Shelters but not may there. Leuven area preferred although willing to travel.

Kerry Sep 4, 2015 15:49

Veeweyde is a kill shelter so you would be rescuing a dog from being put down.

Sep 4, 2015 15:57
This is in Spain they fly them in I got my little girl in the Netherlands. Cost about €300 euro but well worth it. They are not so fantastic at notifying you of arrival much before hand so be prepared. We are also sure they lied about the age of our pup to fly her out sooner. Our vet said no way was she as old as they claimed. However they have lots of dogs to deal with and not many staff from what we understand. Vetting of you via a form you fill in not ideal but easy. From what we hear the Spanish are known as a race of dog lovers. They throw dogs out all the time onto the streets, so they are often full and they often have pups and younger dogs. You can't see the pup in person but there are pictures plus info on where they were dumped.

Sep 5, 2015 07:50
J C Hill

Try Help Animals in Anderlecht - we have just adopted our 3rd dog from them. Very helpful staff, clean and tidy kennels

Sep 9, 2015 13:21