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walter dermul | Everything that happens will happen today

Le Neuf Gallery
15/05/2022 from 14:00until 25/06/2022 - 18:00
15 May
Le Neuf Gallery
Chaussée de Waterloo 690 / 09
1180  Bruxelles

"Everything that happens will happen today" is walter dermul's first exhibition in Brussels. You will discover 14 colourful figurative oil paintings, a selection of the artist's most recent work. The official opening takes place on Sunday 15th of May between 14 and 19 h, the show runs until the 25th of June.

From twists and turns in his own life, walter dermul examines the intersections where life takes shape. Often unconsciously and unintentionally, small or big moments have an indelible impact on the further course of life. The images, often with an autobiographical touch, are usually inspired by photographs he took himself or found in news media, websites, and old family archives. His favourite technique is oil paint, a living substance that remains young and playful while he can endlessly distort and mix it.

Are life events just a coincidence or a predestinated result? In this exhibition, the artist illustrates the question in 14 colourful figurative paintings. What could have happened yesterday is happening today. Everything has changed and everything has stayed the same. Yesterday's chances are tomorrow's chances. With David Byrne et Brian Eno, he comes to the conclusion: "Everything that happens will happen today".