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Walking Routes along the coastline


Hi all !
I have heard that there are some very nice walking routes along the beaches here, near Oostende?
I have heard also that there is a tram line that runs along/near the coast in that people park their car at one location, walk the route and take the tram back.
Anyone heard of this?
Thanks in advance !


It is amazing how much information you can obtain from the internet if you just try.

Sep 4, 2018 14:53

Links for the lazy:

For the Tram :
For the coastal walks :

Sep 4, 2018 16:55

I'm not sure about the previous link but this is the official website in English.

Sep 4, 2018 17:08

I walked the whole of the Belgian coast last year for charity over 6 days. Great experience. Train to Ostend and the take the unique tram to whichever town you want to visit along the way. Enjoy the fresh air!

Sep 4, 2018 20:16