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Waiting on Titre de Sejour and taking plane within Schengen.


Hi all,

I am a US citizen and student renewing my titre de sejour in Belgium. I have applied and am waiting for my paper in the mail to get my new card, but they told me there is a huge delay for some reason. The problem is I am traveling to France and Norway this month, but don't have my renewed card. Should I get the short term visa stamp when i go to the airport or will they care that I have "technically" been in EU without a visa since the 1st of Jan, while I am waiting for my renewed card?

Need some advice! Little nervous even though I did everything right!


I think you should just travel as a US citizen on vacation. Coming back into Belgium could be an issue but carry copies of all your documents and applications etc. From France take train or drive. They never look at papers.

Jan 19, 2019 00:41

You don't need a visa for tourist travel.
France won't check.

Jan 19, 2019 11:08