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Vivaqua water meter problems


I would like to ask your experience with Vivaqua when it comes to changing of water meters. Do they have full responsibility to replace meters or just replace the meter and do not care regarding pipe even 1 cm after the meter?

Our meter was changed last week. No pre annauncement just a person with a new meter arrived and replaced the old one. Then comes the problems. Small drops of water just next to the meter. I called them and the technician visited one more time. Tried to tighten the nipples (there seems to be two reaching our home. Problem continued so a second visit happened where the person changed rubber seal. But problem again continues. I am waiting for the third visit but I feel that the problem is basically due to the technician not spending enough time. Our water softener is in the area and he is rushing the work. I am afraid to call a plomber at the end with my own expense.