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Dear community friends, I have a question regarding health insurance and a visit to a doctor. I am a foreign (Turkish) student in Gent. Recently I moved to Belgium and currently arranging my paperwork. Ziekenfonds: - What insurance company/policy you can advise for 1 year. For students. I heard about Partena. They are good? Visit a doctor: - How expensive in general is a visit to a doctor (for ex. general practitioner)? - Previously I have a stomach pain and due to a stress it causes me a lot of pain nowadays, but I still don't have an insurance, what is the price for a consultation with a doctor without insurance. More precisely gastroenterologist or nutritionist? - Does Read Cross or other NGO can health cheek me. We speaking about Gent/Gent area. If your experiences is similar I would be grateful. Dankjewel.



The place where you are studying should have an admin office where you can ask these kind of questions. And you can ask any other (Turkish) students.
Doctors can charge whatever they want subject to charging at least a legal minimum. Some stick to the minimum; others charge more. You are free to ask the price before making an appointment and going to another doctor if you feel the price is too high.

Nov 30, 2021 09:11

thank you. will do

Nov 30, 2021 23:22

Yes, are you at the University of Gent? If so, they have an international student office specifically for these types of questions:

If it isn't the university of Gent, then every other third level education establishment in the country has some sort of Student support office that you will be able to speak with.

Dec 7, 2021 09:38