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Visa for Russia


Hi has anyone with a Brotish passport recently applied for a visa for Russia ? As the other half must go for work in the autumn and has been told they will hold onto his british passport all the time during the visa application. This is his first trip there and he was told it by someone that it maybe slow process, especially due to recent diplomatic events. Anyone any experience of exactly how long its currently taking? It may mean he jas to get secomd passport if its going to mean he is without for a long time due to other travels for woek.


I used a company in the UK called Prince Visa Services because of the time restrictions and lack of second passport. This meant I could get it all done in a week and couriered back to me. Costs a bit more but I was invoicing a company for it anyway so I did not mind.
You can see their web site at:
They show processing times and charges.

Jul 2, 2018 18:17