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Virtual or plastic debitcards - not connected to banks


I have some problems with using these Lime electric trottinettes because the app doesn't take my card.

So, what are the options for virtual or plastic Visa or Mastercards that are really Belgian, and not to difficult to get?


There are lots of virtual cards. Neteller is relatively cheap and very well know, and no problem to get one in Belgium..

Feb 1, 2019 11:53

I has to be "Belgian", I think Transferwise doesn't work, because i is "UK". (I guess cards have a country and currency associated, but my problems could also be the address?)

Feb 1, 2019 13:41

"my problems could also be the address"

Basically they want a way to track and trace (and charge) you in the event you damage or steal the scooter.

Your problem is probably that the system wants to check that you have sufficient credit to pay for a replacement scooter, or for repairs. If you have a prepaid card, or a card without a guaranteed credit limit, they can't.

What sort of a business model would it be if they just let people steal the scooter, keep them for as long as they want and then dump them with no recourse?

Feb 1, 2019 16:06

@ANON It has failed with cards with lots of Money on.

Many online stores like Spotify, Itunes, check the location of the card, but that's probably fro a different reason.

I actually managed (Limes) with a UK Wirex card, the balance says says "£"

Feb 2, 2019 13:01

Just get a Neteller card, it's not rocket science.

Feb 5, 2019 20:28