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Violin Wanted


Hi ,  iam new to Belgium.

My teenage son want to learn violin .

We approached a Music School and they said they cannot teach him as of now as there do not seem to be no violins in stock. They said i should purchase one if he wants to learn or wait in line ...

Does the Music School not have a budget to buy some violins ? How does the system work in Belgium ?

I am unable to afford one , my meagre income allows only money for musical lessons as of now and even if i do buy i do not know whether my son will continue with it .

Is there some place where i can get musical instruments for free or at a very reasonable price ? Basically some place where people donate stuff for the needy ?

Thanks for responses in advance


Try another music school. If you're in Brussels, you usually have 2 per commune - French and Dutch, where almost all teachers speak FR+NL+EN.

> musical instruments for free 


> very reasonable price

You'd be ill advised to buy an instrument without enough knowledge to know if it is playable. So you need advice from a violinist, preferably a teacher.

Sep 18, 2011 03:29