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Velux windows and wondow frames


I want to change velux windows and install plastic windows. The company quoting said it is possible, but that the outer frame would have to remain the original wooden frame. The windows look like on page 38 of the velux catalogue 'element de facade', double windows, one a sloping roof window, the other below it is vertical. Any ideas on where the truth of this is?

Many thanks,



Hi bedfuddled, you are NOT (befuddled)  asking the question indicates you don't believe the guy who told you this rubbish - makes no sense to me and I've done quite a bit of renovation.

I suggest you keep comon sense at the forefront of your mind, and peak to Jose Reithuisen, of the company Durabel 02 245 09 50.

He has done a lot o work for me and I trust him to give me a straight answer if he sees the place.   

I don't mind if you tell him Jeni from Avenue Tervuren wrote to you about this problem.

Good luck

Oct 15, 2011 10:45

First of all, if you want to change your window, you have to be careful that it goes well with your frames. A month ago, I decided to keep wooden frames because it went perfectly with my wooden windows... And I'm very happy with the result! I called "Chassis Bruxelles" because they offer to work with all types of materials: aluminium window frames, PVC window frames, wooden frames, etc. They are very professional and moreover the prices for frames are reasonable. They take care of all window frame work in Brussels, here is their website if you want:

Oct 6, 2020 11:45

Hello everyone !
I believe that the above problem can be solved by a professional team in the field of windows and doors with whom I have already done some work in my house. It's ChassisGood ( ), they are located in Brussels and they are very professional! I highly recommend you.

Jan 28, 2022 21:07