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Uterus Fibrome


i am an expat , working in Brussels the last 2 years. Lately i discovered that i have a uterus fibrome that i need to remove as soon as possible with laparotomy.
has anybody done a similar surgery or knows what is the best clinic/hospital in Brussels for doing a gynecological surgery.
I heard about Edith Cavell and StLuc
Thank you in advanve for your help

From the archives

I had the same thing but my fibroids were too big to have removed through key hole surgery so had a vaginal hysterectomy. Surgeon is Dr. Yucel Karaman located on Ave. Winston Churchill 226, 1180 Bruxelles (Uccle). Téléphone: 02/345.97.87.
Surgery performed at Edith Cavell. No problems at all. Karaman speaks English as did all the doctors at the hospital. Nurses were another story but no need to communicate in depth with the nurses--in case language is an issue.

Aug 22, 2011 10:25