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Using another person's car


I had thought that there was no problem driving another person's car in Belgium, provided obviousy you have the other person's permission, its insured and you have a driving licence, and this incluses car with CD plates. However, somebody told me you are supposed to have a letter from the owner saying you have their permission to drive - is this true?


Hi, Senna
IMHO, I would ask twice (including myself!!) about driving as 3rd party a CDplated car in Belgium, which is not mine. Would you know what will happen to the lender in case of accident and you were not officially permitted to drive it ...job loss ? who pays in the end beside insurance in any special liability case / in case you are not linked to the car holder.
1) what's in the car insurance contract? who is allowed to move it ? Our car insurance is 100% clearly only to my partner and myself. Dot.
2) Better safe than sorry: Yes, have a written permission with you while driving + complete car papers + contact phone of the car holder.
Good luck

Nov 26, 2014 15:28

In Belgium, it is the car and not the driver that is insured. All vehicles must have at least third party insurance to cover any physical harm or damage to a third party or their property. Proof of insurance must be carried at all times, and there are penalties for drivers of vehicles without valid insurance.
A person can however have pre-set nominated drivers added to their insurance, and only the nominated drivers can drive that car.
Cars with CD plates can only be driven by predetermined authorised drivers.
Written and signed authorised permission to drive a certain car is not lawfully necessary but could be helpful if pulled over or in an accident.

Nov 26, 2014 16:01

MEHA is correct. The odd thing is this system tends to favour the insurance companies and not the consumer. Another shocker....

Nov 26, 2014 19:57

Like XL, I would be very sceptical about driving a CD plated car but, otherwise, I have never heard of needing written permission to do so and I have never had nor given such a document when various family members have driven each other's cars. In fact, for many years, I habitually drove the car registered in my wife's name whilst she habitually drove my car.
If you want a definitive answer, ask your insurers/broker.

Nov 27, 2014 10:17