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US Visa experience


I want to know any third country national who has gone through the process of getting US visitor Visa form belgium. How one need to show strong ties to belgium. Or any experience about Visa interveiw with counsler.


I have gone through the process of getting a Tourist Visa for USA . In answering your question about how to show strong ties to Belgium ? You must be employed at present because they will ask a copy of your salary slip for the last 3 months.. If you are not employed you can show the salary slip of your husband / partner but making sure that your husband/partner will accompany you to USA..Regarding the Interview, they will ask you a simple question like why do you like to go to USA? about your Resident Card , Your relationship with your belgian husband/ partner and how many years have you live in Belgium.. ?? Just be calm infront of the interviewer and you will be fine.. Good luck on your visa!!

Nov 13, 2017 10:27

actually one year ago i applied but at that time i have no job i have F card, they asked question about employment i mention my wife has business but the consular refused my application and told that its not in your name its in your wife's name. Now i want to apply again now i have my own business. Can it will make some changes on my application.

Nov 13, 2017 15:16

The more important is that you have a proof of sufficient funds to travel without being a burden on the USA. ( Bank account, A Job, credit cards can help you a lot because It gives them an idea that you are probably able to travel.. But if you had been unemployed for years and had no funds other than what is in your pocket , that would probably be a no visa.. They are very strict now .. So best of Luck ..

Nov 13, 2017 17:01

I agree with previous posters - for me, strong ties meant that I am employed, I have a rental contract and I have sufficient funds to travel. I think it also helped that I was renewing my visa and not applying for a new one.

Best of luck to you!

Nov 16, 2017 11:05