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I know there have been previous questions on this but search is not yielding useable results.
Which US tax advisors in Belgium have people used for assistance with Federal Income Tax returns and what has been the experience? What is the typical cost for preparation of the full tax return package?
Has anyone used remote online providers, such as
Any other advice to offer to get through this arduous procedure? I have always done my own and am relatively savvy but my situation gets more complicated every year and I really lack the time now to sort through it all myself.


If you don't have complicated taxes, just do it yourself using the 1040, 1116 (foreign tax credit), 6251 (alternative minimum tax, and the 2555 (foreign earned income) forms. It is not complicated unless you have really complicated taxes. If taxes are too complicated, find someone in the US to do it rather than use one of the really expensive firms here--there is no need for that.

May 7, 2012 20:44