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US IPhone 6 in Belgium?


My old phone just died and I am thinking of getting an IPhone 6 from the US, given the cheaper price there.

Do you know if a non-locked IPhone 6 bought in the US will work in Belgium (e.g. 4G/LTE)? Does anyone have personal experience?


Yes - Make sure you purchase the T-Mobile version, which is unlocked, so if you go back to the US with it, you can use any provider. Otherwise all works well.

Dec 19, 2014 15:42

Thanks a lot! I don't think I'll use it in the US - I'm a European. But I may ask a friend to bring it from the States since it's cheaper.

Dec 19, 2014 16:33

And to be safe, give your friend a sim card from here, have him try the sim card on the phone while in the usa. If the belgian card works there, then you should be ok. Once i bought an unlocked phone that was damaged and if it wasn't for this test, i would have arrived in europe with a useless phone.

Dec 19, 2014 18:00

I bought an unlocked iPhone 4s in the US a few years ago and have used sims from various countries in it, including Belgium, without difficulty. I bought it directly from an Apple Store and strongly recommend this - you can bring back to Apple anywhere in the world if there are problems (going beyond sim usage issues).

Dec 20, 2014 22:55

I picked up an iphone in USA this year (not 6) works fine but I did need a micro sim which my phone provider ka idly helped me transfer all the data onto in their store. Amazing thanks proximus shop in audergem

Dec 24, 2014 22:39