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My 5 year old boy tells me he does not feel whe he needs to pee, he runs to the toilet when he starts feeling that his pants are wet, and sometimes he just wets his pants.
The paediatrician thinks it is a behavioral issue, but it has been a while and now I am sure it is not, because he gets sad and disappointed in himself when it happens.
So I would like to find a dr who is open to checking for an infection or problem, a specialist who works with children rather than just a paediatrician if possible.
Any recommendations? We live near Overijse, we'd preder to got towards Waterloo area rather than Brussels but it does not really mattter.
I have read that this is relatively frequent and there may be nothing wrong and may pass, but I just want to rule out medical issues.


Ask your GP to recommend someone. It may pass but if you're worried it's always worth getting it checked out.

Apr 18, 2012 08:09