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'Untenable' situation: Princess Delphine complains to PM about unfair treatment

09:00 13/12/2023

Belgium’s Princess Delphine, the biological daughter of King Albert II who was born out of wedlock and only recently lawfully recognised, has complained in a letter to Belgian prime minister Alexander De Croo that she does not enjoy the same rights as her legitimate half-siblings Laurent and Astrid, referring to an "untenable situation".

The letter was leaked to the press, prompting Delphine’s lawyer to issue a statement saying that the Princess "regrets" that the confidential correspondence was shared as "it was never her intention to provoke any controversy".

Unlike other members of the Belgian royal family, Princess Delphine holds “no official position” that would justify her being invited to certain ceremonies, prime minister De Croo said in response to questions about Delphine’s treatment compared to that of her half-siblings.

“The people who are invited to these events are people who have official functions in our country,” De Croo said.

“Princess Delphine has no official function and is not accountable [to the government and parliament] for such a position, unlike Princess Astrid and Prince Laurent. This is very clear.”

The letter to De Croo, delivered via Princess Delphine’s lawyer Marc Uyttendaele, asked that she be granted the same rights, including invitations to official events such as the Dynasty Festival and the New Year's reception hosted by the Royal Palace.

“In a spirit of goodwill and discretion, she felt it necessary to clarify an embarrassing situation in which she is being treated differently from her sister Astrid and her brother Laurent,” Uyttendaele said of the letter.

Written by Helen Lyons



She was officially recognised which is what she wanted. She cannot expect the same treatment as her half brother and half sister because she is not in the same position. She seems to be a very needy person.

Dec 13, 2023 10:31

She has every right to be treated the same as her siblings. It's not her fault that her dad was fooling around and has probably grown up without her father's presence in her life, so she's already paid a price for another person's wrong.

Dec 13, 2023 11:41

They are treating her with racism.

She can surely qualify for some royal "official business".
It's not like the rest of the royal family have really gotten their "official positions" based on their academic knowledge, vocational training, work experience, special dexterities or any other merits!
They were simply handed some position and the salary & perks that come with it.

The excuse used by De Croo:
“The people who are invited to these events are people who have official functions in our country,”
if truly uttered by him,
is ridiculously childish or should I say toddlerish.

Or maybe, De Croo thinks that we all are stupid or that we have toddler level mental capacity and that's why he replied like that!

Shameful in any instance!

Dec 21, 2023 12:01