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Union prepares complaint against government move to T&T

10:42 30/07/2014

The socialist ACOD union is urging Flemish officials to withdraw their decision to move some of the Flemish government’s administrative offices to the site of Tour & Taxis in Brussels. Currently, some 2,600 Flemish civil servants are spread across two buildings around Brussels North. The plan is to bring in a new office at Tour & Taxis by 2016.

ACOD is against the move, claiming, "The neighbourhood is unsafe... and workers would have to pass through a park that is known for drug trafficking," said ACOD Secretary Jan Van Wesemael on FM Brussel.

The union is therefore now mobilising individuals for financial support in order to file a complaint in court about the impending move. The Flemish government, meanwhile, is planning guided tours to help its civil servants get used to the new location.

Written by Robyn Boyle