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Unemployment-European Commission



I will soon be unemployed from my job at the European Commission, where I work as a contract agent.

Has anyone else been through the administrative steps required for unemployment benefits? It is very confusing, and when I called the PMO they just directed me to their document available online-I complained, but the woman kept repeating the same thing over again-go to the document, go to the document.

I live in Woluwe Saint Pierre, and if I understand correctly, do I need to register with Actiris or CAPAC? I don't want to work in the next year-I'm considering going back to university for an M.A. to improve my skills set and to continue preparing for open competitions. I want to choose the option that will allow me to do this as best as is possible.
Also, I am interviewing for new positions at different Institutions, so I'd like to keep this option open too (It wouldn't be right to take on a job and leave shortly after because I'm offered a job at the Institutions). Any how, this is my plan for the next year-I'll probably have to re-enter the Belgian job market in case I don't get a job within the next year.

But I have a plan and would like to pursue it-any tips on what I should do?

many thanks!


Within 3 working days of your contractual agent employment contract with the European Commission finishes (or for any job in the private or public sector), you need to register with the VDAB or Actiris or other government unemployment services (also a union).
Ask them about educational training courses. If you are close to your 40's most companies might not want to employ you. You will probably need many plans. Best to have a basket of options. Good luck.

Jun 6, 2018 14:35

"If you are close to your 40's most companies might not want to employ you."
I had people say that to me 10 years ago during the big financial crash. I did find some evidence of people wanting to pay lower ("younger") salaries at the time.
10 years on, and retirement ages are later and employers are happier to pay well for skilled, experienced workers.

Jun 7, 2018 07:40