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Understanding the water bill from watergroep


Wr received the water bill for three months, it is 22-meter cube. We are 2 adults in a 50 meter square apartment in Leuven.We have to pay 111,51 including tax. I tried to understand the charges.What I understand is the charges per cube is 1,78 so that makes it 39,18. The rest we are paying, all are for contribution.Am I right?( Vastrecht drinkwater,Vastrecht gemeentelijke bijdrage voor afvoer,Gemeentelijke bijdrage voor afvoer,Vastrecht bovengemeentelijke bijdrage voor zuivering) Are these fixed charges? Could anyone tell me how to save on water bill.


Yes, they're fixed amounts for things like sewage etc, multiplied by the number of people in the household.

You can look at this page, which gives a full explanation of each element in your bill and use Google translate of you don't understand Dutch

May 23, 2018 16:03